Added: 27 January 2019

When you’re looking for a used car, it’s so easy to get distracted. That rugged, large 4x4 SUV may look fantastic on the forecourt, but will you be able to park it in your narrow street? Before you start seriously looking for a used car, at Day’s Motorpark, we recommend that you ask yourself these five important questions…

  1. What are your essential requirements? Do you need room for a family? Is fuel-efficiency a priority? Do you want sporty looks? Think about what you ACTUALLY need…
  2. Do you need a lot of boot space? If you carry a pushchair, sports equipment or a or even a dog, you’ll need to think about how much room you will need.
  3. Does the car need to serve a specific purpose? Do you tow a caravan or trailer? Will you need to be able to fit it into a tight parking space? Or regularly drive down a very narrow street?
  4. Will you be taking it on short city drives or using it on longer motorway journeys? Does it need to be able to cruise at motorway speeds for long periods of time?
  5. Do you want a diesel or petrol vehicle? Do you know the pros and cons of both?

Once you’ve got your checklist, finding your next car won’t seem like such a big task. Why not click here to search our used car stock?. You can filter by branch, make model and budget - with branches across south Wales - in Cardiff, Swansea, Gorseinon, Llansamlet, Neath and Haverfordwest, we’re bound to have the perfect used car for you!

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