Added: 01 March 2019

We all know that opportunist thieves can strike at any time. With this in mind, IAM RoadSmart's head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, has suggested a few top tips to keep your car and valuables safe…

  • Remember that unlocking your car before you reach it gives thieves a longer period of time to access valuables and make a run for it, especially if your boot opens automatically.
  • Don’t leave your keys lying around. Making your keys visible can mean a greater risk of them being taken.
  • Be security conscious about code grabbing from your keyless entry. Are you being watched?
  • Before you leave your car, make sure you secure any valuables and keep them out of sight. Putting them in your glove compartment or in the boot of your car will avoid them being seen.
  • Keep your keys somewhere safe and secure at home, far away from windows and doors. Thieves often use a ‘fishing’ method, where they insert a hook through a letter box or window and search for keys.
  • Is your parking space secluded? If you will be returning to the car late or alone make sure you stay alert and park it in an area which is well lit.

At Day’s Motor Group, we see every day how happy our customers are as they drive away in their new and used cars. The thought that someone could just take away your pride and joy is upsetting - so make sure you so all you can to deter opportunists. We want you to enjoy your vehicle for as long as possible - and for YOU to make the decision when it comes to upgrading or changing.

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